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According to CISCO mobile traffic study results, in 2016 we will see over 10 billion mobile-connected devices, so there are no doubts that mobile SEO is a hot topic right now. If you have not thought of a SEO strategy for your mobile site or you do not even have one yet, then you are simply missing out on a lot of traffic.

If you want to tap this chance to increase your traffic and sales, I strongly recommend you to read some of the tips shared below. Besides helping to optimize your mobile website, we will show you effective ways on how to improve your mobile marketing campaigns and improve your customer acquisition rate.

These tips will range from simple (I’d even say psychological) tips that will help you understand what is going on in the head of typical mobile user to the complex ones which will require you to split test dozens of changes. Ladies and gentleman, I present you my 8 tips for effective mobile SEO! If you have any questions or you want to share some of your tips, leave a comment. (more…)

A lot of people fail at SEO nowadays, blaming it on constant Google algorithm updates and not being able to adapt to these changes. Even though I agree with the statement that it is important to adapt to all these changes Google throws at us, sometimes other obstacles can be in your way to success. Using old SEO strategies and methods that used to work for you a year ago, does not mean they still work as good as they used to.

Many folks on forums have asked me to review their websites and why their rankings suddenly tanked. In most cases it came to bad or outdated SEO methods they utilized. You see, this is somewhat a psychological issue. People get stuck with ideas and methods that worked well for them in the past. But this just does not work in SEO world if you want to be on the top of your competitors. And most often than not, these old SEO tricks can dig you into an even deeper hole.

After interviewing a lot of SEOs and gathering poll results from various forums, I compiled a list of top 15 old SEO methods that do not produce any results, but people still continue to use them. Read all of these carefully and make your SEO campaigns more effective.

1. Private Blog Networks Are Dead

I’m still amazed at some people who are building links from private blog networks. Even though BMR and ALN (two of the biggest private blog networks at one time) stopped to exist because Google caught them and deindexed most of their sites, this does not mean you should abandon this powerful link building method. Instead of buying posts on private blog networks, you can always build a mini-network of your own. Keep it clean and make sure you use high-quality content (not spun garbage) and you’ll be fine. (more…)

Back in March 2012, Google confirmed that they released an update aimed at improving search quality and fighting against “overoptimised” websites. This algorithm update was named Penguin and Matt Cutts even tweeted about it. Penguin gathered a lot of attention among webmasters and is still a very popular discussion topic.

Even though this update affected thousands of websites that favored spammy SEO, a lot of legit websites were hit as well. Since Penguin updates, negative SEO term has appeared among webmasters and has been a much discussed topic since then. Heck, I have even seen agencies starting to offer negative SEO services, as a way to bring your competitors down.

What is Negative SEO All About?

Basically, negative SEO can mean everything that can be done in order to sabotage your rankings. In most cases, this means that a competitor of yours will try to launch an organized effort against you. This usually means building bad link portfolio during a short amount of time. This can be low-quality forum links or blog comments.

Unlike with quite common problems that webmasters stumble upon (like DDoS attack or MySQL database hack) when you can easily notice the problem and fix it afterwards, negative SEO attacks can be quite nasty to deal with. First of all, you never know for sure whether you have been a victim of negative SEO attack or not. Secondly, even if you found links from bad neighborhood sites, it still will not be an easy task to remove them, since they usually are on other domains you have absolutely no control of. (more…)

Guest Blogging NoteAll these black and white animal updates we’ve seen from Google so far without any doubts changed the SEO industry and ways we used to build backlinks. But as always, some link building methods lose credibility, others gain it. Same thing happened with guest posts, as they became one of the best link building practices for SEOs.

With every single update, Google is getting closer to their goal – optimize for people. And if we actually take a close look at some of the changes Google introduced lately, we’ll get a rough picture of what they are trying to tell us (SEOs). SEO is becoming more and more about building your brand. By no means do I say that SEO became useless, I just want those old-school SEOs to start getting the picture that a powerful SEO strategy should include strong brand presence and SEO techniques at the same time.

WE all are aware that Google is hot right now on contextual links from relevant sites. No, I’m not talking about private blog networks where you pay a couple of bucks per posts. I’m talking about high-quality, well researched content that is going to be published on real websites with traffic and user base. This means that if your content is good and it is interesting, it will most likely be shared by readers (#SocialSignals). (more…)

You felt like a king until your business got hit by Google’s Penguin update? If that’s your case, then you should try and get your website back ranking as soon as possible. Even though recovering your website from Penguin hit might not be that easy and fast in the end, there are certain things you should try that will help you get back on track and.

For those who have not heard, Penguin algorithm update was introduced by Google on April 24th 2012 and was hopefully to stop spam results from ranking high in SERPs. There have been a couple of Penguin refreshes rolled out already (first came exactly one month after the very first one Penguin came into action) and approximately 5 refreshes related to Penguin will be released this year. Penguin fights against spammy activities like unnatural link spam, too high keyword density aka keyword stuffing and other things.

Have you checked your traffic analytics and noticed that your traffic plummeted by at least 30%? That should be a very clear sign to you that there’s a quite huge possibility that Penguin didn’t like you. But don’t worry, that does not mean there is no hope left. Your site just needs some attention and maintenance. Read the tips below, apply them and regain or even improve your rankings! (more…)